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This is a must for those who wish to become proficient in the latest UL and IEC/EN standards. You’ll also get a clear picture of differences between U.S. and CE markets as well as North American and European applications.

The course is a summary and a condensed version of a standard one day course on designing industrial control panels for the North American market and another one day course on designing industrial control panels according to international IEC/EN standards with the additional aspects and requirements of the European Directives and the CE mark.

What can you expect to learn from this class?

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  • Introduction
  • Basic differences between North America and Europe
  • Overview on requirements in North America
    • Codes, standards and organizations
    • UL marks, terms and definitions
    • SCCR - short circuit current ratings
    • Motor branch circuits
    • Protective measures according to UL/NFPA
      for control panels
  • Overview on requirements in Europe
    • Introduction to European directives
    • CE marking and assessement procedures
    • IEC and EN standards
    • Required verfication for control panels
    • Protective measures according to IEC/EN
      for control panels
  • Helpful tools, efficient planning and documentation
  • Support and further information

Date: TBA

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Location: Penn State Great Valley Campus


This is a free event. Registration is required.

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