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Thursday, October 17th, 2024

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Together on October 5th, 2023 we learned about the latest trends in automation, controls, machine vision & robotics, saw live demos, talked to application engineers, and got answers to your tough application questions!


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9:00 – 9:45 AM
45-Minute Seminars

See the latest HMI release from Siemens (WinCC Unified).   This HTML visualization environment can be run on a PC, a dedicated HMI, or even right out of the PLC.  The HMI code is tightly integrated with the PLC for fast, efficient development.

Presented by Siemens | Room Location: Mt. Davis Room

This is truly a boom time for small assembly robots. More and more companies are discovering the benefits of using such robots in their manufacturing, packaging, and other industrial processes. Come learn more about Application driven robot selection and Optimizing applications through proper robot selection.

Presented by Denso | Room Location: Quaker Room

Image Filters are an extremely simple and cost-effective optical component capable of producing exceptional imaging results in a wide range of vision applications. In this seminar we will dive into the effects that filters can have on your imaging. Side by side application examples will be presented to show the drastic contrast a filter can make.  We will also show how advances in optics and materials are helping keep your hardware investment safe while preserving image quality.

Presented by Midwest Optical Systems | Room Location: Liberty Room

Hilscher is the Factory Automation market leader of industrial communication solutions.  In addition to the hundreds of protocol conversions provided by the full product range of gateways, Hilscher is the leading supplier of PC cards with the largest range of form factors including the newest M.2 card.  In this seminar, you will learn of the many ways Hilscher can help you manage the multitude of communication protocols on the factory floor all the way up to the cloud.   Our expertise will give you the peace of mind knowing that whatever your communication challenge is, Hilscher has a solution.

Presented by Hilscher | Room Location: Keystone Room

10:00 – 10:45 AM
45-Minute Seminars

Siemens sets innovative standards for switched mode power supplies and power security components. No matter if your application calls for a very basic, a standard power supply with diagnostics and monitoring functions, or an advanced fully modular power supply solution with real time communication: Siemens has a variety of product lines meeting your needs.

Presented by Siemens | Room Location: Liberty Room

Manufacturers have led the way in pioneering manufacturing automation to compete effectively in today’s global marketplace. They use identification and locating technology to automatically synchronize production flow, maximize the utilization of valuable resources, and minimize human errors to reduce costly delays. Implementing RFID and/or RTLS can provide more detailed control and improve operating efficiency throughout the entire supply chain and manufacturing processes.

Presented by Siemens | Room Location: Keystone Room

With a 1750 mm reach and 20 kg payload capacity, UR’s next generation cobot handles more tasks, fits more applications, and assists in more environments than ever before. The UR20 is the first in Universal Robots’ next generation of industrial cobots designed to take performance to new heights, while embracing the UR hallmarks of versatility, usability, and small footprints. The UR20 is re-imagined, redesigned, and rebuilt from the ground up. Every detail, from the software to the end caps, has been strategically architected to deliver next-generation performance and quality so that you can increase throughput, uptime, and get more product out to market faster than ever before.

Presented by Universal Robots | Room Location: Buchanan Room

Solve previously impossible applications with the world leader in machine vision. Cognex’s newest products bring improved processing power for speed, upgraded AI tools to handle product variation, and enhanced 3D resolution for precise measurements, enabling you to solve challenges that were previously unsolvable.

This seminar introduces the latest in Cognex 2D and 3D Vision Systems products, including the: 

  • In-Sight 3800:  Cognex’s Fastest Camera! Edge Learning AI Powered
  • In-Sight L4033: Best Resolution Ever in Cognex’s 3D L4000 Portfolio
  • In-Sight 7905V: ISO Compliant Code Grading, OCR, and Vision Tools in One Device!
  • Dataman DM80: Newest Compact Barcode Reader

Presented by Cognex | Room Location: Mt. Davis Room

11:00 – 11:45 AM
45-Minute Seminars

This presentation will review the latest, best-in-class IEC Control Products from their Motor Starter Protectors, Contactors, Overload Relays and Starters.

Presented by Siemens | Room Location: Keystone Room

Learn about new features, Add-Ins, openness, PLC Sim, and diagnostics within V18. PLC Hardware, Software units, multiuser, safety and trace are also covered in this V18 session. A sneak peek at the upcoming V19 features as well

Presented by Siemens | Room Location: Mt. Davis Room

In this seminar we will discuss Softing’s dataFEED OPC Software Suite, our smartLink docker container software which allows AMS device manager to connect to HART devices on Siemens remote I/O’s and our edgePlug family of products that are available for download on Siemens Industrial marketplace.

Presented by Softing | Room Location: Liberty Room

With the increase in labor shortages, this seminar will cover the common questions you face when deciding whether to automate your plant.  We’ll review several successful implementations in robotics and machine vision such as palletizing, machine tending, and inspection. Come see the brand new UR 20 palletizer!

Presented by Applied Controls Solutions Business | Room Location: Buchanan Room

1:00 – 1:45 PM
45-Minute Seminars

Find out what are the latest industry leading innovations integrated into the 3rd Generation SINAMICS G220, S210 New, and S200 drive products.  This next generation establishes and sets the bar for a new level of drive-based safety, enhanced product & web security and future proof adaptability across continuous speed or torque control applications or discontinuous servo motion applications.  You will be impressed with what you will learn in this seminar about Siemens Drives and what you can do to enhance your machines or processes.

Presented by Siemens | Room Location: Mt. Davis Room

To ensure future readiness and cybersecurity for OT (Operational Technology) networks, it’s essential to implement these 10 best practices to secure your OT network from malicious attacks: Network Segmentation, Regular Updates and Patches, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Security Monitoring and Logging, Employee Training, Secure Remote Access, Secure Communication, Regular Risk Assessments, Partnerships with Vendors.

Presented by Siemens | Room Location: Keystone Room

Join us for an informative session on how Edge & Deep Learning tools automate inspection application’s by learning to spot patterns and anomalies from reference images. We will explore the tools that are used to solve tasks that are often to complex and time-consuming utilizing rules-based algorithms while providing the consistency and speed necessary for a successful implementation. During this session, we will demonstrate how Cognex has built on the success of the InSight 2800 with the introduction of the NEW InSight 3800. Ultimately allowing you to run more inspections in less time, improve the accuracy of your results, and the ability to seamlessly scale your solution.

Presented by Cognex | Room Location: Quaker Room

2:00 – 2:45 PM
45-Minute Seminars

Join Silas from Universal Robots to discuss future products and trends within the robotic automation space.  He will cover exciting upcoming releases from the leader in collaborative robots, and what the global organization forecast for growth verticals

Presented by Universal Robots | Room Location: Buchanan Room

We are pleased to provide an overview of the 3VA family of Low Voltage  Molded Case Circuit Breakers NOW available through 2000 Amp.  The 3VA lineup is globally accepted and a World Class family of MCCB’s offered in traditional Thermal Magnetic and High Feature Electronic formats, and may be integrated into an overall Digitalized Circuit Protection strategy that includes communications, monitoring and control with an overall Automation platform.

Presented by Siemens | Room Location: Liberty Room

The basic structure of a plant is fixed but everything inside it can be movable blocks or modules like Lego® bricks. Depending on what needs to be produced, modules can be added, moved, removed and turned on or off depending on the demand. All of this without having to reprogram the processes or even install drivers. The required data and information are already available to the system when the module is connected. This principal is called the Module Type Package (MTP) by NAMUR NE 148 or more simply “Plug & Produce”. This presentation will introduce MTP and automation solutions that Siemens has developed for this new concept, and where they are being used today.

Presented by Siemens | Room Location: Mt. Davis Room