SITOP SEL1400 persp original

A Clever Alternative to the Miniature Circuit Breaker

The SITOP selectivity modules SEL1200 and 1400 are the optimal extension for all 24-V DC power supplies.
They distribute and monitor the load current over several current circuits. Overloads and short circuits are
detected, and faulty 24-V DC load circuits will be instantly disconnected, while the other loads continue with
absolutely no interruption which ultimately prevents a complete power failure of the plant.

At only 45 mm wide, the SEL 1200 and 1400’s extremely narrow design also provides:

• 4 or 8 outputs with push-in connection technology
• LED status display
• Diagnostic interface with free faceplates
• Load-optimized and time-delayed switch-on
• Alternative switch-off characteristics:
     – Limiting – prevents short-term voltage drop to below 20 V
     – Switching – can result in short-term voltage drop to below 20 V
• Reliable tripping, regardless of the cable lengths or cable cross-sections

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