Cobot Expo Series | Material Removal and Surface Finishing

What is the Cobot expo Series?

In 2020, Universal Robots hosted two groundbreaking virtual trade shows geared to a broad range of manufacturers and industries. This year, we’re excited to launch The Cobot Expo Series ’21 – five virtual events that focus on the industries and applications most relevant for collaborative robots during these challenging manufacturing times.

Join us June 22nd-23rd, 10AM-5PM EST for our two-day online expo focused on Material Removal and Surface Finishing applications with Universal Robots.

Collaborative robots can increase output and improve quality for your grinding, deburring, drilling, sanding and other material removal tasks. Cobots offer built-in force/torque sensing for consistent and precise placement of the tool to reduce waste and scrap and optimize your process. 

Engage in insightful keynotes, interactive Q&A’s, and live chats with our experienced cobot specialists. We’ll take the time to understand your business’ production needs and help you find a solution for your unique application. 

Register today for our online event to learn more – at no cost to you!



Meet the experts in collaborative robotics, develop your own cobot application, and visit one of our industry leading partners. 

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