Introduction to SIMATIC PLCs and Languages

about the event

This course is for engineers and maintenance personnel who are new to PLC programming – who will be creating, modifying, or troubleshooting S7 PLC systems with SIMATIC STEP 7 software.

topics covered

  • Apply and convert various numbering system concepts within a typical PLC application
  • Identify the IEC language set and perform essential program analysis and organization
  • Build a fundamental program flow chart and structogram for efficient program development
  • Navigate the SIMATIC Manager tools for efficient program development, documentation, and testing
  • Configure various input and output (I/O) addressing, Data Block and internal memory allocations
  • Build simple S7 PLC programs using the Function Block Diagram (FBD) editor
  • Manage program data through proper data storage and retrieval
  • Build a simple function using the Statement List program editor

event agenda

Date:  TBD

Location: Virtual

Price: TBD