S7 Automation Maintenance 2 - SIMATIC S7 with STEP 7 v5

This 4½-day course is designed for maintainers and “first responders” to Siemens S7 automated control systems.

Automation Maintenance 2 is the second of a two part series designed for maintainers of and “first responders” to Siemens S7 automated control systems. This course is  designed with brief instructor led discussions followed by numerous hands-on exercises using a Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) plant model to develop and reinforce practical experience. The TIA plant model consists of an S7-300 automation system, ET200S and ET200pro distributed I/O stations, SIMATIC HMI Touch Panel, and a working conveyor model, all communicating over PROFINET.

Students perform hardware and software diagnostics and troubleshooting as well as restoring a faulted PLC system to a normal operating state. This course builds on the knowledge obtained in Automation Maintenance 1 (SCT-S7300S1C) and offers 60% hands-on lab time and 40% lecture/discussion/Q and A.


S7 Automation Maintenance 1


Maintenance technicians, electricians, supervisors and others, who need to develop active skills using their Siemens Hardware system, should attend this course to maximize line uptime.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this 4½-day course, the student shall be able to:

  • Commission the Hardware Station using the SIMATIC Manager and set PG/PC interface for MPI/DP and PROFINET communications
  • Commission the HMI by setting up a physical HMI to communicate over PROFINET and downloading an HMI project
  • Set up and use the Report System Error (RSE) CPU reporting tool and display diagnostic messages on the HMI
  • Monitor Organization Blocks, Function Blocks Function Calls and Data Blocks using absolute and symbolic addressing
  • Monitor Boolean, math, comparison, timer and counter control logic for a PLC conveyor system making light modifications and simple code debugging
  • Create and monitor a reusable block with parameter passing
  • Complete an end-of-week comprehensive student project to reinforce and demonstrate learned skills

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S7 Automation Maintenance 2

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