Executive Cybersecurity Forum for Manufacturers

We've brought together an elite group of executives, strategists and visionaries to offer battle-tested insights on how best to protect one of your biggest assets - the manufacturing floor.

Industry is at a juncture where increasingly connected and digitalized operations have created unprecedented risk management scenarios. Our three-hour virtual forum is an informative exchange between manufacturing executives and cybersecurity experts who specialize in collaborating with IT in the OT space.  

What's on the program

  1. Keynote: Why industrial cybersecurity is a risk management topic that all manufacturing executives must address.
  2. Expert Panel Discussion: Mitigating risks of cyberthreats, sabotage and accidental manipulation.  A lively discussion with leaders in cybersecurity sharing insights and on-the-ground experience on avoiding potential business impacts of cybersecurity threats in manufacturing.
  3. Presentation: Identifying the right investments and OT cybersecurity solutions. We will close out the event with a deep dive presentation on actionable methods to successfully improve your industrial cybersecurity posture.

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