Siemens Innovations - The Future of Automation

Join us for a free 2-day live virtual event on June 23-24

Turn your factory into a smart factory   


Smart factories, smart data, smart manufacturing: the word “smart” has been around for quite some time in the industry. But smart applications are not always easy, are they? 

How do you make your production smart – i.e. modular, sustainable and efficient  all at the same time? How can you react flexibly to ever-changing market requirements? We will show you how easy it is to make smart production a success with  Siemens Innovations – the Future of Automation.

What you can look forward to: exciting live sessions and virtual tradeshow that demonstrate concrete solutions for today and tomorrow. Under the motto “Siemens Innovations – the Future of Automation” we turn challenges into opportunities and help you to  achieve goals that may seem unattainable.

EVENT agenda

Date: TBD

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Location: Virtual