Go beyond locating with SIMATIC Real-Time Locating Systems

about the Webinar

Make smarter decisions with better data!

Are your assets and employees managed effectively? Do you achieve enhanced productivity and operational efficiency?

Step up your game with a solution that allows you to mitigate risk, avoid unnecessary loss of production, and build trust with employees and your community!

Topics covered

In 60 minutes, we will cover how our locating technology can:

·       Establish a safer working environment with social distancing and contract tracing

·       Reduce manual work steps, identify, and avoid potential sources of error

·       Streamline production time, even in highly customized production environments

·       Verify ingredients are correct before being added to the process

·       Eliminate the use of paper travelers by automatic documentation

·       Reduce time-consuming search procedures and more!

webinar agenda

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Location: Virtual

Siemens Real Time Locating Systems