Siemens TIA Portal Programming 1

This hands-on, highly engaging course is the first in a three part series which builds basic programming skills using Siemens STEP7 software. Students will learn S7 project management, program design and application development. This is an aggressively paced curriculum covering S7 programming with Ladder logic. The basics of programming with Function Block Diagram (FBD), and Statement List (STL) languages are also covered. Key software tools and best practices techniques are taught. Participants employ the Totally Integrate Automation concept by integrating an S7300 PLC, HMI, ET200S remote I/O station and a desktop conveyor system connected by PROFIBUS.

Throughout this course participants build and manage a STEP7 project from beginning to end, learning proper program structure and documenting. Software diagnostic tools are used for troubleshooting both hardware and code. Various instruction sets, memory areas, program blocks, and libraries are introduced to provide the student with solid concepts of structured programming.

This course employs the current adult learning techniques featuring brief lectures followed by multiple engaging hands-on, task based skills that begin early Monday morning and continue all week long.


This course is for SIMATIC S7-300/400 PLC users who are involved with developing or sustaining automation systems and their application programs.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this 4½-day course, the student shall be able to:

  • Configure , parametrize, communicate with and commission a Totally Integrated Automation System
  • Program, document, test and troubleshoot a structured STEP7 program.
  • Program using absolute and symbolic addressing.
  • Create and use data blocks
  • Create and call reusable blocks employing parameter passing techniques
  • Program using the processed analog values.
  • Cross reference where and how addressed are used, program call structure, and comparing online to offline program

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Siemens S7 Programming 1

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