The ET 200SP2 Open Controller

About the webinar

the SIMATIC SP2 controllers are the most advanced open controllers in the world

While more formidable when paired with TIA, this guide is just a quick overview of some basic features – the customer should attend a relevant distributor SIPEC event or schedule a visit from an Automation Consultant as a next step for some “hands-on” demonstrations.

The SIMATIC SP2 controller family enables the new generation of powerful IO systems with built-in safety functions, as individual as your requirements: Conveniently easy to integrate into your system and designed for long-term reliable, cost-efficient use. The controller provides comprehensive and complete scalability to any of our clients.

Downtime is minimized due to powerful, built in diagnostics, and complete transparency of these diagnostics on the Web Server, the User defined web pages, on the PC’s software PLC – AND on the integrated WinCC Runtime Advanced HMI. The SP2 is seamlessly integrated with HMI and drives within the TIA Portal – meaning simplified selection and parameterization, efficient global libraries, and common diagnostics all within the same application, reducing engineering and commissioning significantly.

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The ET 200SP2 Open Controller