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Haas Machine Tending Cell with Universal Robots


Applied Controls implemented a Universal Robot at a machine shop continue producing long after the shop was closed to increase production. By automating this operation for two shifts per day and saw an ROI months faster than anticipated.


Due to the continued difficulty of finding operators at a time when unemployment rate was at an all-time low, a machine shop reached out to Applied Controls to help implement a Universal Robot in front of their Haas CNC Mill to help increase production while freeing up an operator to handle more difficult tasks. Applied Controls designed, built, and programmed a full machine tending cell that dropped right on the floor with less than 3 days of downtime on the machine.

The customer wanted to run as long as possible without operator intervention, so Applied Controls developed a tray system that gave the customer the ability to run for 48 hours without needing any attention. 

The customer rapidly worked through their backlog and were able to get months ahead of production. They quickly added to the robot’s job requirements by buying the equipment needed to have the robot run a second operation.

Customer Benefits:

  • Increased prodouction on th emachine
  • Greater efficiency in the rest of the shop
  • Ability to get months ahead on orders due to the non-stop production

Technologies Included:

  • Universal Robot UR10e
  • Zimmer Group Two-Finger Gripper
  • Robotunits structure
  • Versabuilt Robot2CNC Interface Kit

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