Industrial Edge – From the Field to the Cloud

Cloud or Edge? Thanks to Industrial Edge, there is no need to choose. You can have whatever you need.

With Industrial Edge, you enjoy all the benefits of edge and cloud computing – optimally tailored to your specific requirements. Industrial Edge allows you to analyze all the data at the machine and preprocess it instantly. The optimized data points can be transferred quickly to the cloud for more computing power and larger storage capacities. This allows for a precise analysis of data over longer periods of time. Based on your application, you decide whether and how you want to use the cloud in addition to Industrial Edge.

Benefits of Industrial Edge at a Glance

Conventional data processing on the field level is often costly and time-consuming, isn’t very scalable, and isn’t necessarily secure. In this case, Siemens starts with Industrial Edge and brings typical IT standards like central software management to the machine in a way that’s industry-compliant.


  • Local, secure bulk data processing

Enjoy the benefits of IT in automation technology in order to securely acquire and flexibly analyze your machine and plant data.

  • Shorter innovation cycles and greater flexibility

Constant software and operating system updates ensure a steady stream of innovations along with increased data security.

  • Reduce Time to Market

Platform functionalities like central updates, security, integrated connectivity, and integration into automation save time and money in software development as well as in operation.

  • Open Ecosystem

Open standards like Docker offer you investment protection and a low initial barrier. In addition to Siemens, companies and programmers can also offer their expertise via the industrial App Store.

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