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Sick Long Range Distance Sensors and RFID Products Ensure Precise Positioning for 300-foot Gantry Cranes.


One of the busiest ports on the Eastern Seaboard needed a way to make sure giant gantry cranes could be positioned with high-precision for loading operations.


Sick Long Range DT1000 Sensors mounted on cranes allow extreme precision across more than five hundred feet, and utilize HDDM technology for reliable operation in rain, snow and fog. 

Sick RFU620 RFID systems work in a coordinated system with distance sensors to ensure final positioning and avoid costly and dangerous situations resulting from incorrect location data. 

Sick SOPAS software can configure both the long-distance sensors and the RFID system from any PC platform. The software can allow the DT1000 to filter out false or misleading echoes from particulates or reflections. 

Simple setup tools meant that port personnel could setup and maintain the system without the need for costly integration assistance.

Customer Benefits:

  • Robust construction allows for reliable outdoor operation.
  • Free configuration software works with all products and on any PC.
  • HDDM Technology allows sensors to compensate for particulates and weather.
  • Simple software setup prioritizes ease of use to keep hardware in the field.

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