Weighing Technology Solutions with Siemens SIWAREX


Applied Controls Inc worked with a cleaning products company that is best known for its sponges to implement a quality-ensuring compression testing machine.


Applied Controls Inc worked with one of the most notorious cleaning product companies to provide a Siemens weighing technology solution for all their sponge manufacturing facilities. This company saw sponge material inconsistencies between their manufacturers that are located around the globe.

The goal of this project was to develop an operator-friendly machine that would dictate the compressive load induced on a sponge under varying thermal conditions. This test would ultimately help the company pin-point the sponges that were manufactured incorrectly.

We utilized a SIWAREX WP231 weighing module on the rack of a Siemens S7-1200 that made the implementation of a load cell quick and easy! The weighing module was parameterized and calibrated using the pre-made HMI screens and PLC instructions that Siemens provides for free with the TIA Portal programming environment. These screens add other extended functionality like trending and tracing, weight simulation and automatic/manual scale calibration.

Siemens also offers a software called SIWATOOL that can be used to commission SIWAREX weighing modules when a 

PLC and HMI are not present. The weighing modules have built in ethernet ports for a direct connection.

Customer Benefits:

  • Easy SIWAREX weighing module implementation onto a PLC rack
  • Simple load cell wiring into the SIWAREX weighing module
  • Intuitive weighing module calibration with pre-made Siemens HMI screens
  • Fast implementation of pre-made instructions into the Siemens PLC logic

Technologies Included:

  • Siemens Weighing Electronics
    • Siemens SIWAREX WP231 weighing module
    • SIWAREX Load Cells
  • Siemens TIA Portal V16 programming environment.
    • Siemens S7-1200 PLC
    • Siemens Basic HMI

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