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We are a local high tech automation distributor and solutions provider. We educate and support local manufacturers in implementing emerging technologies to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve safety. Our offerings range from industrial computers and software, Robotics, Machine Vision, and Motion Control. Our goal is to increase productivity to keep manufacturing in America successful and prosperous.

Applied Controls, Inc. Uniques to the Market

  1. We have 50+ years of successfully delivering automation solutions utilizing our factory certified product experts.
  2. We are an authorized distributor for the #1 global suppliers in automation, machine vision, and collaborative robotics.

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Our Story

July 1969

Applied Controls is started by Bill Parker in King of Prussia, PA as a mid-Atlantic Rep firm selling and supporting basic machine control products

October 1970

Applied Controls is Incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania

January 1980

Applied Controls expands product portfolio to include automation, drives, motion, and controls

July 1990

Applied Controls is purchased by Rick and Jim Gehring

January 1993

Applied Controls expands its product base and moves into the Machine Vision business

January 1995

Applied Controls builds and relocates into its new corporate headquarters in Malvern, PA

May 2005

Applied Controls opens its first technology center in York, PA

January 2011

Applied Controls continues expansion with offices in New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia

January 2013

Rick and Jim Gehring sell Applied Controls to the employees through an Employee Stock Ownership Trust Agreement

January 2014

Applied expands into design, build, and installation of Robots

July 2019

Applied Controls turns 50 years old

October 2019

Applied Controls celebrates 25 years of our annual customer event TechToberFest

January 2021

Chuck Mulcrone is promoted to president of Applied Controls, Inc.

December 2021

Applied Controls, Inc. joins forces with SunSource Corporation

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We Support Our Communities

We have a proud history of supporting and uplifting charitable organizations in the communities we've been serving for more than half a century