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SIMATIC Controller – Take Control of the Future

Building innovative machines with SIMATIC controllers

You’ve got a project ahead and need a good basis for the automation solution.

If your new project involves a programmable logic controller, then the SIMATIC controllers from Siemens are just what you are looking for. Siemens offers compact controller solutions with integrated functions, powerful controllers for the highest demands, controllers for distributed tasks or PC-based automation: plenty of options to choose from.
Not sure which type of controller is the best match for your automation project?

The Controller Configurator will give you an answer in 5 easy steps.

SIMATIC controller – Common strengths in detail

Engineering efficiency

The seamless integration of SIMATIC controllers into the common TIA Portal engineering framework allows the integrated storage of data, the smart library concept, and a uniform operating philosophy. This makes the use of universal functions particularly easy.

innovative design

Innovative Design

Each controller can be set up and wired differently. The SIMATIC controller portfolio offers modular, compact, and PC-based CPUs.

Variety of Diagnostic Options

The integrated system diagnostics with efficient fault analysis and fast troubleshooting cuts commissioning times and minimizes downtimes in production. Faults are uniformly indicated in the engineering on the HMI, in the web server, and in the display of the SIMATIC S7-1500.

vielfaeltige diagnose
Safety Integrated visual

Safety Integrated

Fail-safe SIMATIC controllers offer the greatest possible level of integration: one controller, one communication system, and one engineering for both standard and fail-safe automation.

Technology Integrated

Technology functions for metering and measuring tasks, closed-loop control and motion control are integrated into all SIMATIC controllers. Technology CPUs are used for particularly demanding motion control tasks.

technology integrated visual
security integrated visual

Security Integrated

Intellectual property and the investment it represents are safeguarded by the integration of know-how protection, protection against copying and manipulation, and additional password protection for access to program contents.

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