System Diagnostics with S7-1500 and TIA Portal

The system diagnostics are integrated in the firmware of the CPU S7-1500 and work independently from cyclic user programs. Therefore it is also available in the CPU operating mode STOP. Any faults are detected immediately and reported to the higher-level HMI device, the web server, the display of the CPU S7-1500, the LED displays in the module concerned and in the TIA Portal even in the operating mode STOP. Therefore, the system diagnostics are always synchronous with the actual system status.


Integrated System Diagnostics

The integrated System Diagnostics ensure full transparency of the system status. The system diagnostics are generated automatically.

Uniform display concept

The system diagnostics information is displayed as a uniform clear text information in the CPU display, TIA Portal, HMI and the web server itself for messages of the drives.

Channel granular display concept

In case of failure, the respective channel can be detected and classified quickly.


• Reduced downtimes and increased system availability thanks to an exact visual allocation in case of failures.
• Efficient failure analysis due to a uniform display concept
• Servicing possible without a current project, due to a complete project upload including symbols.

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